What to do in an Emergency Water Leak......

emergency call

07858 327 801

Should the unfortunate need arise, Royal Flush Plumbing & Drainage have an on-call emergency plumber 24/7.

If your job is an emergency, or perhaps you are only looking for some peace of mind or telephonic advise to see you by until normal working hours prevail, feel free to call our emergency phone number 07858 327 801.


We will be happy to help.

Royal Flush Plumbing & Drainage have technicians with many years experience in the successful pinpointing of leaks which are invisible or impossible to locate. We are not magicians, however utilizing the latest in leakage detection technology; we can usually pinpoint a leak within a few inches, therefore allowing a one point excavation. The technology used is based on various tried and tested methods, thus ensuring our customers are inconvenienced as little as possible.

More importantly, we also have our qualified tradesmen available to ensure you home or office is restored promptly on completion of our successful repair.

In an emergency


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